Should Designers Learn to Code? Spoiler Alert: Yes!

To sum up, when developers feel respected, they in turn show respect to designers. A lean organization is a company whose goal is to provide the utmost customer value while using the least possible resources. To accomplish this, lean thinking focuses on optimizing a company’s technologies, assets, and departments.

It allows us the knowledge to then understand the basic elements that are incorporated, which ultimately gives us a rough gauge on the number of resources that are needed to build out that idea. By no means am I saying to dive into the deep dark intricacies of multiple coding languages. Instead, I am suggesting you learn the high-level fundamentals and terminology so that when an Engineer has a question about padding or margins, you understand what they are talking about.

To Code or Not to Code: The Modern UX/UI Designer’s Dilemma

Obviously, with a blog dedicated to UX Engineering, I’m going to be a bit biased here. Yes, I’m in the “designers should learn how to code” camp. At the same time, when you hear the term “coding,” it might bring to mind a wall of artless 1’s and 0’s or a lonely labyrinth of servers somewhere in Silicon Valley. Whether it’s a custom UX portfolio, simple landing page or an app idea, some designers will benefit by being able to implement their ideas in working code.

Should UX Designers learn to code

If you’re working with web developers, you’re guaranteed to see HTML come up. It’s used to create website structure and basic content like headings, paragraphs, quotes, images and structure. Gain a solid foundation in the philosophy, principles and methods of user experience design.

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It’s important to note that most companies do not require UX designers to implement any code. UX designers and coders have different skill sets and are usually hired accordingly. For this reason, you do not need to learn to code to be a successful UX/UI designer.

Should UX Designers learn to code

Build your UX career with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification. Get the mindset, the confidence and the skills that make UX designers so valuable. Build your UX career with a globally-recognised, industry-approved certification. Get the mindset, the skills and the confidence of UX designers.

Should designers learn to code?

Our career-change programs are designed to take you from beginner to pro in your tech career—with personalized support every step of the way. Learn how data science can help us understand Rafael Nadal’s success and how impressive his career has been at the clay court tournament. Further, it can be used to display dynamic interactions between the front end and the back end without reloading a page. Some examples of dynamic websites are Netflix, Paypal, and Facebook. To explain, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard language for creating web pages. It tells a browser how to display the structure of page elements such as headings, paragraphs, and links.

Should UX Designers learn to code

Some languages can be used for both the front-end and the back-end too. The front-end and back-end are a bit more complicated, so let’s explore those more. Fresh insights from experts, alumni course ux ui design and the wider design community. Meet our leadership team with UX and education expertise. Master content design and UX writing principles, from tone and style to writing for interfaces.

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Designers who are well versed with programming may restrict themselves in terms of solutions. If we are aware of the available technology, and its constraints, it influences our thought process. We may get caught up with technicalities and not be able to think freely. This defeats the entire purpose of user-centric design, where the objective is to think people-first, and not technology-first.

  • And design has finally won a seat at the proverbial table.
  • If a designer knows how to code, they may develop tunnel vision.
  • In other words, Javascript makes web pages interactive and (usually) instantaneous.
  • Get the mindset, the confidence and the skills that make UX designers so valuable.
  • After the design team comes up with some product prototypes, it’s of utmost importance to both validate the ideas through user research and to identify the product’s pain points.
  • Governs the storage of data necessary for maintaining website security, user authentication, and fraud prevention mechanisms.

We’ve rounded up the seven most common programming languages that designers will see at work. Understanding how these work will allow you to create better designs and communicate more clearly with your team. Knowing the fundamentals of coding helps you design wireframes, prototypes and user interfaces that can actually be built. Then, you can communicate your ideas to a developer in meetings or in a design handoff. It’s important to add that including the fact that you can communicate with developers on your CV or during the UX interview process is a big plus.

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CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, describes how HTML elements should be displayed on the screen. For example, CSS includes background colors, text alignment, and fonts. If you are considering getting into UX/UI design, you’re probably wondering the same thing. Design and development will continue to evolve over time, making it humanly impossible for one person to know everything there is to know. Yes, having control over the direction of a product is a big responsibility. Fingers will quickly point to the person who put all of those pieces together.

In the early days of web design, graphic designers, who had previously worked in print, learned to write code so as to become web designers. With 95% of websites using it, JavaScript is a popular scripting or programming language. As the third layer of the HTML, CSS, and JS layer cake, it allows programmers to display dynamic interactions on web pages. That’s why many product design bootcamps are adding some coding to their curriculum. The ability to be a “generalist” and do all parts of the product design process will make you agile in the workplace and also a marketable hire. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a master at design or development.

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If you’re considering getting into UX design or are already a UX designer, you might wonder how much you need to know about programming languages. While you won’t be coding, you will be communicating with developers in your UX design career. While it might not be required, the more programming knowledge a UX Designer has, the better they’ll be able to communicate with the rest of the development team. During the prototyping phase, for example, UX Designers work alongside Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, and others to create a model that will embody all the final product’s main ideas. Let’s take a hypothetical example of a company where everyone is an I-persona.

Should UX Designers learn to code


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